Two Hobs, No Oven

So wittily named after my abomination of a kitchen (shown below), this blog is dedicated to all of the foodies and cooking enthusiasts who struggle to cook a decent meal at the end of the day, whether it’s due to  overtime at work, the screaming kids around your ankles or just a plain old crappy kitchen (as is my case).

The entirety of my kitchen… AKA Two hobs, no oven

My love of food (and the shitty hob) have been acquired through living in Italy, where I currently spend my time filling my face with delicious Italian cibo and wrestling the local nonnas for the last bag of spinach at the market. In between cooking and the occasional food based quarrel with old ladies, I work as a teacher and translator but I much prefer living to eat rather than eating to live.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what to have dinner when you’re still in the middle of eating lunch?

That is me, all day, every day. 

The last thing I want at the end of the day is a maccies or a microwave meal, don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good chippy tea but chippys are few and far between in Italy so I don’t have the option. The only fast-food that exists here is pizza and it can get a tad monotonous after a while so the only option I am left with is my sad little stove. But what I’ve come to realise over the past few years of living here is that there are plenty fantastic dishes that you can make with such a limited piece of equipment. Italians in particular are very talented at making something out of nothing, with just a few simple ingredients they can make  incredibly tasty dishes (some of which I’ll be sharing with you ).

So… a little about Italy…

Italy is without doubt one of the best countries in the world for gastronomical diversity (that was a mouthful…  get it??…  mouthful teehee). The great thing about Italy is that every region has it’s own flavour palette, so from one region (even city) to the next you can have a completely different eating experience. From tortellini in Bologna, to sfogliatella in Napoli right down to octopus salad in Bari (yes you read that right, OCTOPUS…  in a salad).

A typical Puglian dish of grilled octopus

So throughout this blog I’m going to be cooking and sharing the best that Italy has to offer, a lot of the dishes will be typically from Puglia where I live with a few variations dotted in here or there when I get bored. As well as my own cooking, I’ll also be posting about amazing restaurants that I go to, any street food that I discover and basically anything yummy that you might like to try yourselves. My main aim is to get people away from the junk food, away from “diet” mentality and just to build people’s love for fresh, home cooked food.  If I can do it with two hobs and no oven, you’ve got no excuse… (unless of course you don’t have a hob haha).

The next post will feature a Puglian classic: Orecchiette semplice

Work that hob and walk unafraid people 🙂

-H     Xx


2 thoughts on “Two Hobs, No Oven

  1. Anche io vivo per mangiare! Il buon cibo e il piacere di cucinarsi un piatto con ingredienti genuini è qualcosa che mi scalda il cuore come pochissime altre… Forza Hayley, ti seguirò in questa avventura culinaria! 🙂


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