“A kilo of shit my good man!”

So this next recipe is called Cachi caramellati….

…  Cachi or Kaki are what the Italians call persimmon fruit…  the word ‘cachi’ also happens  to be frighteningly close the word ‘cacca’ which means ‘shit‘, so be careful not to ask for a kilo of shit next time you happen to find yourself at an Italian market….   I learnt that the hard way.

Now all shits aside, cachi are incredibly flavourful and also quite peculiar. Not quite an orange but not quite an apple either, they are as unique as they are tasty. They’re not as popular in the UK as they’re not a native fruit but in the Mediterranean  they’re one of the most popular autumn/winter fruits available. Once ripe, they have this squishy, juicy flesh on the inside that just melts in your mouth, so I thought, why not melt it in a pan with some sugar and booze aswell?? BEST. IDEA. EVER.

So here you go…  cachi caramellati served on the side of the chocolate salami I made last week….  the perfect winter dish to munch on next to a log fire (if only).


  • 3/4 cachi fruit
  • half a cup of brown sugar
  • a blob of honey
  • a splash of amaretto/rum



  1. Cut the cachi fruit into quarters and remove the skin, cores and tops.
  2. Put the chopped up fruit into a small pan with the sugar, honey and your favourite poison.
  3. Turn the heat up high until the sugar is bubbling and continuously stir to stop it from burning
  4. Once the sugar starts to brown and gets thicker, turn the heat down to medium and continue to stir.
  5. When the cachi are soft and the sugar has turned to a thin syrup it’s ready
  6. Serve on the side of some chocolate salami or with your favourite chocolate dessert.


Cachi caramellati con salami cioccolato

Work that hob and Walk unafraid people!

-H    Xx


3 thoughts on ““A kilo of shit my good man!”

  1. Grazie! I forgot all about this recipe. it’s too bad I didn’t have it with me in Italia. I just got back and I was picking cachi everywhere! outside of Lucca there was a tree right outside my window. I was painting them and posted a few photos on instagram. My cachi here in Canada are in the garage ripening, so I should be able to make cachi caramellati soon. i’ll let you know how it works out! Ciao, Cristina


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